Donation to the Institution exempted u/s 35 AC of the Income Tax Act [Notification No. S. O 1649(E)] dated 12 July 2010.


To arrange all types of social camps. To run various schemes of rnother , child care center. To run Balakashram & bal sadan, to run child centre for girls and boys, to do plantation , to start food camp for the poor, To run various schemes of women and child welfare department , To run various charitable schems like Kapart , Norald , Stapes of Centera, &. State government, To run cattle shed , to provide fodder for cattle ,to start free legal aid centre , to start and run various schemes for under, starvation children , to start training campaign for people representatives, to run various schemes of Nehru youth center, To run all types of charitable schemes of kamadhenu schemes, to run various schemes of women economic devlopment board. to carry education & training for upliftment & capability a women to run all types of scheme under Mahatma Phule rural development , to run all types of schemes under watershed development & Jal swarajya scheme, to give encouragement and .award to social worker.
To for arrange ralls for increasing national integrity. to carry various campaign for development of women students. to carry social awarness by way of taking help from other social organisation, to encourage, guide and help, to start self helping goup for over all development of women, try to make widow & neglected women self independent. To carry schemes of women & child devlopment bord , to carry nutritional food scheme for children


Late shri' Mahadevrao Tatyaba shinde was one of those socially conscious dedicated persons who throw their lives to the service of society. shinde took to the cause of making education accessible to the down trodden, poor students belonging to the backward communities. He worked hard for achieving this goal and by way of beginning he established a hostel to facilitate studies of the poor students, in the year 1989. He wanted to take advantage of the scheme sponsored by the Government of Maharashtra, of encouraging people to establish Residential Schools for the uplift of the children belonging to the marginalized communities. Mahadevrao shinde picked up an opportunity and succeeded in getting Governments approval for the establishment of Residential school in the year 1994. As he was more inclined towards rural youth devoid of any educational facilities, he took a bold decision to establish a residential school, in a then distant and dormant village - Pakni - about 16 Kms. west of solapur City, off solapur _ Pune National Highway.