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Program & Events
Tree plantation & clean villages campaign :- One of the greatest dangers facing the planet to any is that of contamination of environment. In order to impress upon the minds of students the need to have a cleaner environment around us, short trips arranged to nearby villages where villagers and students work in tandem to carry out clean the village campaign. In the year 2007 - 2008 students team visited a Laman Settlement named Kondi Tanda and Vishwanath Nagar in the village of Pakni. In order to sensitize people of the village about the need to plant more & more number of trees a morning march was organized in these villages. In the village Chincholi Kati the response received from the villagers was stupendous. Along with the students they cleaned at entire village in one sweep. Demonstration lectures were held in the primary health centers to tell people, as to how by following simple rules of Hygiene, many diseases can be kept away.

The Celebration of Holy Days :-
The school celebrates :- Dahi Handi, Ganesh Utsav, Rang panchami, Raksha Bandhan, Holi and Dnyaneshwar parayan every year. Event people living in the villages around participate in the school programes.

  • Among the celebration of Birth Anniversaries, the school celebrated Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Birthday on 26h June every year.
  • Samata Dindi :- a procession for equality was organized to commemorate the occasion in the Pakni village. on 1't of August the death anniversary of shri. Lokmanya Tilak and the birthday anniversary of Annabhau sathe are celebrated.
  • The birthday anniversary of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated on 2"nd Oct.
  • Mahatma Fule was one of these social reformists & activities, who propounded the importance of education in his movements. The school celebrates his death anniversary on 28th November.
  • On 3'd January a birth day anniversary of Savitribai Fule is celebrated and many teachers tell students about the lofty aims for which Savitribai struggled through out her life.
Celebration of Urja Din :- Our Nation was been passing through a very difficult times of electricity shortage. The management want every student to understand the importance of conservation of energy. the Uria Din was celebrated on 2"nd August in presence of Shri. Adam, an official in the Department

With separate preparatory schools for boys and girls (Yardley Court and Derwent Lodge), and a co-educational school for young children (Solapur Pre-Prep), the Schools at Solapur are unique in Kent. They for children aged between 3 and 13 (11 for girls) with the older boys and girls being taught


Late shri' Mahadevrao Tatyaba shinde was one of those socially conscious dedicated persons who throw their lives to the service of society. shinde took to the cause of making education accessible to the down trodden, poor students belonging to the backward communities. He worked hard for achieving this goal and by way of beginning he established a hostel to facilitate studies of the poor students, in the year 1989. He wanted to take advantage of the scheme sponsored by the Government of Maharashtra, of encouraging people to establish Residential Schools for the uplift of the children belonging to the marginalized communities. Mahadevrao shinde picked up an opportunity and succeeded in getting Governments approval for the establishment of Residential school in the year 1994. As he was more inclined towards rural youth devoid of any educational facilities, he took a bold decision to establish a residential school, in a then distant and dormant village - Pakni - about 16 Kms. west of solapur City, off solapur _ Pune National Highway.